Thursday, December 1, 2011

Screen printing

Printmaking evening class update!! I have really been enjoying my evening printmaking classes. Our current project is screen printing. I found inspiration for my stencil designs in the Tropical Deco textiles of the 1930's era. The tropics hold a particular appeal to me at the moment to reinforce the mood of fun, fantasy and escape.

Cult artist Rob Ryan's clever and quirky work has also inspired me whilst I have been using my simple paper cutting skills to stencil my screen print designs. His evocative book A sky full of kindness is available now to buy on Amazon.
Ryan had been screen-printing for years before he started the silhouette-style and minutely detailed paper- and laser-cut pieces for which he is now known. "I just fancied doing something a bit simpler - all you need it a pencil, paper and a blade," he said. "It's not about colour or perspective, it's all about silhouette and shape." Guardian 19 Oct 2010

Romantic and wistful Rob Ryan screen print

My simple cut paper stencil before printing.  The stencil is supported by a fine mesh stretched on a frame. Ink is pushed through the mesh with a rubber squeegee to create the print.
My screen print on Canvas, I still have two other colours to print on top.

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