Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mission Gallery

The Mission Gallery in Swansea has launched a brand-new website! It's been redesigned and updated with upcoming exhibitions. The gallery hosts an exciting programme of contemporary visual and craft featuring the work of established and emerging artists and makers, many with national and international profiles. 

Coming up this Saturday, the 2nd of April until the 22nd of May at the Mission Gallery, is an exhibition by applied artist Becky Adams, called the Curious world of Becky Adams. I really like her work and appreciate the connections that are made between text, textile, stitch and narrative thread in her contemporary pieces. There will also be a gallery talk at the Mission Gallery on Saturday the 16th of April at 2pm. Becky Adams will be in conversation with Hannah Kelly, the Exhibition Officer at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre 

Becky is a collector of stories; they become an integral part of her life and are ingrained into the making of her work through a sophisticated use of stitch, vintage fabric and antique ephemera. There is a subtle and respectful glance to the study of the human condition; each piece is aware of its past, its present and its untold future. Through the natural language of her work, each piece becomes an embodiment of a story preserved within each careful stitch.

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