Sunday, March 20, 2011

Griff Rhys Jones – Hidden Treasures of Indian Art

There was a lovely programme produced by the BBC recently about tribal textiles of India in the ‘Hidden Treasures of' series presented by Griff Rhys Jones. He went on a journey through Gujarat, a state in western India which has a rich tradition of arts and crafts. Fabrics of multiple colours are woven into a variety of colourful designs and beautiful mirrored embroideries. Each person's attire giving a clue to their caste, status and family.  

 There are many co-operatives that invest in social projects in the Kutch region to help preserve the area's artistic heritage by ensuring work is not merely market driven.
Kala Raksha Trust is one of these and is a grassroots social enterprise dedicated to the  preservation of traditional arts. Comprising artisans, community members, and experts in the fields of art, design and museums.
Here are some examples below of the different ethnic embroidery styles traditionally stitched by the village women.

Khaarek embroidery style
Mutavas embroidery style
Rabari embroidery style


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  1. We have just caught up with this prog.Unfortunately missed prev 2.What an eye opener!!Just so inspiring. Isn't Griff getting better and better as he ages!