Thursday, February 24, 2011

South Pacific Tribal Print

I just thought I'd post this on my blog today.  Fiji in the South Pacific is well known for its beautiful hand made Masi cloth, a traditional bark-cloth made from the Paper Mulberry tree. These natural coloured cloths are recognized by the intricate patterns that are stencilled, stamped or smoked onto the fabric. I bought these prints as a souvenir from the island of Suva when I visited Fiji when I went travelling in 2008.

Masi cloth holds a place of honour in Fijian traditional ceremonies such as marriage, birth, worship and death ceremonies. It is also used in homes as decoration and privacy curtains. In earlier days, it was used as a primary source of clothing material.
This is my favourite print story of A/W 2011, the collection by Duro Olowu. The print mixing is Tribal, exotic,  bold, and contemporary, and is still old world and familiar at the same time.

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  1. :)hey...may i use these patterns in my school magazine?