Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Window Display - Harvey Nichols

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Christmas should be the most magical time of the year for our shops. I was really impressed by this festive window display in Harvey Nichols, Quakers Friars Cabot Circus, Bristol.

The theme is very cliche and festive, it's the opposite of tasteful with the ample use of tinsel and I love it, It's party time! It really made me stop and take notice when I walked past.  The theatrical windows bring traditional Christmas carol's to life with Frosty the snowman, Jingle bells and The holly and the Ivy.  I like the cartoonish distorted heads of the mannequins. Its a really fun window display. I went inside and the theme carried on througout the store, outdoor lights inside, lots of tinsel etc, fantastic!

I'm going to London next weekend so I'm really looking forward to more eye-catching and festive window shopping beautiful windows like Liberty's, Zara and Harrods....!

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