Saturday, August 3, 2013

Painting Paintings

I went to an open discussion today at the Mission Gallery about the position of painting in contemporary arts practice. It featured current exhibiting artist Richard James and was Chaired by Gordon Dalton who is currently project manager at Locws International, Swansea.

Why does painting continue to fascinate? Good painting (for there is plenty that is bad) consumes you. To enjoy painting, or be a painter, there is a dedication needed, a long-term commitment that is much like a relationship. There is passion, sadness; there are the ups, the downs, there are break-ups but also, with a lot of work, there is a satisfaction, a deep rooted love, inquisitiveness and an ongoing one-on-one conversation that brings much reward.
Gordon Dalton, June 2013

I love to engage with art and there was a huge conversation about contemporary painting in Wales. It was great to listen to people talk and I enjoyed sitting back and looking at the seemingly unfinished canvases of an impressive scale and taking it all in. 

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