Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tis the season to be jolly...Christmas craft fairs!

Heulwen Designs
Heulwen Designs was at the Grand Theatre Christmas Craft Fair event this weekend the 11th and 12th of November. The established event was a great success! I was selling items from my latest collection of luxury homeware such as cushions, framed prints, lampshades and greeting cards. I was also selling a new collection of fashion accessories such as co-ordinating corsages, rings and hairbands. 

 There was a fantastic wide variety of of over 40 stalls on 3 floors selling high quality unique local crafts. I have added some images from my stall and also pretty Christmas gifts from other stalls  at the fair this weekend.  The next craft fair event from the Grand theatre arts wing will be held in the new year.
Heulwen Designs

Heart Felt Creations by Catherine Gammon 
Gorgeous bespoke felt accessories and felt jewellery. 
All her items are handmade and many fabrics used are recycled

Heart Felt Creations by Catherine Gammon

There were also some members of the Gower Craft and Artisans group, promoting Swansea's local crafts and producers who attended for the first time with lovely craft stalls including Ultimate Drifter and The bead life.

Ultimate Drifter
Driftwood & recycled practical art - designed by instinct & re-usable materials.

The Bead Life  
Unique handcrafted beautiful designer jewellery

Elissa V Evans - Cat illustration

I met Swansea based illustrator Elissa V Evans and jeweller Jeannette of BeadyGonzales at the Grand Theatre Craft fair. It was lovely to meet them both. Here are some of Elissa's original illustrations.
Elissa V Evans - Illustration
If you want more information about Elissa’s work, you can contact her on


  1. What a beautifully designed site. Cool that you're profiling local artists & designers good choice too. Hehehe, Thanks for showing me, I feel I'm in good company.

  2. No worries hun, your work is fab! Thanks for the nice comment! See you at a craft fair soon :-)

  3. Oooo - this is great and thank you SO much for the plug! I'm terrible at any kind of online marketing and do have a blog (in fact started several as you can see on my blogger profile) but only get as far as starting but not adding to them! Will follow your example and hope to make it look as nice!

    You're stall at the Craft Fair was the best looking and I know Jeanette is planning on getting you to design her daughters bedroom - even down to the bin! I'm looking forward to one day owning a house and getting the wallpaper made by you too!

    Right now it's back to making more Christmas cards...hope to be at a Craft fair with you again in the near future.